Laughter is the Best Medicine

Gilda Radner said,

“Cancer is probably the most unfunny thing in the world, but I’m a comedian, and even cancer couldn’t stop me from seeing the humor in what I went through.”

I want to share the humor portion of the day I found out I had cancer. Yes, there is some humor in that day.

After hearing those three words, “you have cancer,” I sat there, put down my phone and started to process what I just heard.  After about 3 minutes, I decided to head to Target. Why? Target always makes me feel better. As I was walking aimlessly through the aisles, I heard my phone “ding” and I knew I received a text.

The text read,

“Angela, sorry, but you might want to check Ava’s head for lice. I am at Miracle Sisters Lice Removal with my daughter. Since the two girls are such close friends, I wanted to let you know.”

I paused, and then said to myself. “You have got to be kidding me!” There might have been another four letter word in that sentence but not appropriate for me to mention now.

I took a deep breath and thought to myself, “There is no possible way Ava could have lice. Not today. I was just diagnosed with cancer!” I should get a pass, right? I mean, seriously, how unlucky could one person be?

So, my escape to Target abruptly ended, and I headed to carpool pick up. I arrived at 3:00 pm and slowly counted down the next 30 minutes until school was released. I am not sure why I arrived so early, but I tried to pray and ponder my afternoon. Needless to say, nothing was working on getting my mind off the possibility of lice.

My younger three children jumped in the car and we headed home. After getting home, I got dinner together and just couldn’t bring myself to check Ava’s head. A little while later, I decided to grab two toothpicks and take my sweet daughter upstairs to carefully check her head.

My plan was to prove there was no lice! That plan failed after I found my first nit, then another… until I met the louse.

Yes, there was a louse in my house!

I carefully removed this louse, and then yelled down the stairs.

“There is a louse in our house, everyone line-up! I’m checking everyone’s head for lice.” Everyone came running up the stairs and, one by one, I checked each head for lice.  One of my boys was chanting to himself while I was carefully picking through his hair,

“Please not me, please not me…”

After diligently looking, I told him he was clear. One by one, they were all clear except for my little peanut. I looked at her and she had this sweet smile…I think she was hoping she didn’t have to go to school the next day. I said to her, “Well, we have some work to do. We will make this as much fun as we can make it!”

For the next couple of hours, I took strand by strand and pulled out the nits.  After that, I treated her hair and carefully followed the steps my pediatrician had given me. She was all clear, and after the bedding was changed and everything else taken care of, Ava fell soundly asleep.

After writing in my journal about the day, I cuddled into my bed and thought to myself…I am so grateful for the distraction! The cancer would still be there tomorrow and having this distraction empowered me. I was on a mission! This was God’s plan. He wanted me to feel empowered and further, find humor in what could have been the worst day of my life. I did! And ever since that day, I have just been moving forward.

Are there a few set backs? Yes!

Do I feel a scared at times? Yes!

However, I am still laughing every day. I am living, and I am figuring this out one day at a time. I also know God is with me. It could be through a text someone sent, maybe a hug, a phone call, gift, meal or prayers.

I am so blessed!

I have been preparing for my surgery this upcoming Monday. The surgery will be a little over 4 hours. I am almost done with my Christmas shopping, and I have been doing a lot of organizing. I stopped by the Cancer Action Center yesterday, which was amazing. I’ll be borrowing some things from them, free of charge, while I am healing from this surgery. I can’t get over the amount of resources that are available in Kansas City to help with the recovery. I also met with another breast cancer survivor who has also become a great friend. She gave me a few items that I wouldn’t have thought of, we laughed about things together and it brought me joy. I feel so loved!

I have to find laughter in all this mess! The cancer is nothing I can control, but my response is something I can control. God showed me that on November 13th when I found out I have cancer and a louse was in my house!

Laughter will be my best medicine!

18 thoughts on “Laughter is the Best Medicine

  1. Hit it out of the park with this one… AMAZING. I caught myself laughing and crying at the same time. I hate that you have cancer, I love that you have a blog. Thank you for sharing your gift; it brings much joy, humor and love. You have got this!! God is carrying you and has sent you the best angels to support you during this difficult time. Love you!


  2. Loved this one for sure! I was laughing and crying all at the same time. I remember when you called me that day and you had to tell me what the heck a louse was. I couldn’t believe that happened, but I never looked at it this way. Your right, it was a great distraction, for everyone! Love you so much! Looking forward to years from now, when we can look back and laugh at all of the craziness!


  3. Thank you, Angela, for inspiring all of us! Here is an excerpt from a textbook – “Humor is the highest level psychological defence mechanism. It is considered mature and is commonly found among emotionally healthy adults. Those who use it are considered virtuous.” I especially like the last sentence because it’s 100% you! Sending love and prayers!


  4. Angela, This is the first blog I have ever followed. Thanks to Alyssa for sharing.
    You are certainly a strong young woman, and a wonderful Mom.

    Thank you for sharing, giving everyone that follows you a smile and a tear and showing God’s love.


  5. Who knew lice could be such a good thing! Loved this post and love your positive attitude. Prayers for you today and always! 😘


  6. Oh I just love this! And now I wonder out loud if that was the day I ran into you at Target?? I am praying for you every day and will get down on my knees on Monday for a real doozie of a prayer. Thank you for this blog.


  7. Oh, my gosh! Angela, what a wonderful, positive attitude and outlook you have! Your post was awesome! Lots and lots of prayers for you, sweet Angela.


  8. We have had the louse in our house! Keep your faith going. God has you wrapped in his loving arms. Cancer has arrived with the wrong person! You are an amazing woman, mom & inspiration to many. All my love & prayers from your Texas cousin. Thanks for your blog & keeping us updated. Love you!


  9. Who knew the humor a louse could bring….as long as it didn’t bring any relatives along!! What an example you are for all. Proud of you!! Prayers always.


  10. God does have a sense of humor! I love this story of how He distracted you that day. You are an amazing person! I know you are going to fight this with courage, grace and power! Just know that you are being lifted up in prayer! Prayers today for your surgeon and your doctors and nurses! Prayers as you begin your recovery journey!


  11. What a beautiful story of finding humor in what was a devastating day for you!! You are an amazingly strong and gifted woman!!! A true inspiration. I am catching up on your blog while working the front desk at Rockhurst. I am not sure how the young men here are taking the red, tear-stained face of the mom that greets them!! Lots of ♥️ And hugs to you!!


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