An interview about my mom

As I think about today, I am filled with so many emotions. I am nervous, afraid, but hopeful. I am also comforted by today’s reading from Isaiah.

Isaiah 35:4 Be strong, fear not! Here is your God, …he comes to save you.

There have also been others who have read the reading for today and texted to let me know that they also feel comforted by today’s reading as I approach this surgery.

This will be the first step to fighting this cancer, it won’t be the only step but it is a big step. I have had an outpouring of love shown to me through so many beautiful ways. God is letting me know his grace will always be enough for me because it is through others that I have seen God’s presence in my life. The countless number of prayers, texts, phone calls, cards, gifts and hugs, which are love languages people have used to express their love for me.

God is Good!

This video was created for me by two special friends who I also consider my sisters in Christ.

Sue and Casey, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Many Blessings!

11 thoughts on “An interview about my mom

  1. What a fantastic video. You can certainly tell your children love you very much and they are your world. You have instilled love and faith in them. You are a wonderful role model.
    Good luck, you’ve got this.
    Love you lots.
    Aunt Vicky


  2. That video was darling! What a great distraction to know how much you are loved on a day like today! I totally thought of you when I saw today’s readings. I can’t wait until this step is behind you!


  3. OMG! That was the best video! What a special gift!! Love you Angela!
    Will anxiously await updates on your surgery today!


  4. Angela – you are so so so loved! I’m honored to have worked on that for you and to bring a smile to your face – to show you HOW GRATEFUL each of us are FOR YOU!


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