Choose Love

I volunteered in the library this past Monday at St. Michael’s for the 3rd grade class my daughter Ava is in. She is always so excited to have me at school during her library time. It’s such an easy way to volunteer. The library is one of my happy places because it is organized and I love to be surrounded by so many books. 

There is something so comforting about being in a library among so many astounding authors who have been awarded honors like The Newbery or Caldecott Medals. I am inspired by the biographies of icons who have overcome so much in their lives and then went on to do so much good in the world. There are so many nonfiction books on any topic you can think of: business, health, fitness, animals, crafts, cooking ideas, and so much more.  

There are rows of picture books that remind me of my own childhood when the school librarian would read to my classmates and me, or books my mom would read to me out loud before bed. I like to reminisce about books I read to the children I used to babysit when I was in high school and the many books I have read over the years to my own children that bring such sweet memories. 

It’s just a perfect way to spend an hour and just “be.”

Anyway, this blog isn’t all about me volunteering in the library. It’s about saying something to someone who might be on your heart and maybe, you don’t even know why. It could be someone that you haven’t seen in a while or someone you see every day. It’s the desire to choose love.

Have you ever had someone pop into your mind or have a person feel heavy on your heart? Something you had inside yourself you thought you needed to share with them… but then because of different excuses, you didn’t. It’s so simple for us, as humans, to just make up excuses for why we can’t reach out to someone and let them know they were on our mind. It ends up being another missed opportunity of when you might have been able to choose love.  

Words, your thoughts out loud…that’s all it is. 

We get so wrapped up in the busy part of our own lives that we don’t take the little time it requires to just tell someone else they are loved. 

Words that can turn someone’s day around for the good. Powerful compliments can change how someone feels about themselves. Effort is all it requires. It costs you nothing, but can be so rewarding for you and the person you are reaching out to. The words can help them feel like they matter, they are loved, and supported. It can bring peace to someone’s mind, even just for the day. 

This has been something I have really tried to work on as a resolution for myself. I want people to know that I am praying, thinking, or let them know I care, and they are on my heart. I want them to know I love them.  

So, while I was there in the library Monday, the children were all coming up to me for me to scan and check out their books so they could head back to their assigned tables and read. There was one very precocious child, and clearly an avid reader, who brought up a Harry Potter book to check out. I looked at the size of the book with all of the many pages, and I complimented him on his reading level. I mean truly, I was intimated at the many pages in the book he checked out! 

Regardless, he said to me, “I hope you feel better, we pray for you every night with my mom.” Those beautiful words that he spoke touched my heart and a big smile came across my face. 

This boy knew me as Ava’s mom. I believe he was empathizing with Ava on what it must be like to worry about your mom. The thought that Ava’s mom was diagnosed with cancer. He was genuine and shared such heartfelt words.  

It truly made my day! 

We live in a world with so much brokenness and suffering, yet we have the power to say something when we feel the need to. Let someone know they are cared for and loved. I believe this is God’s way of letting people know He is here. 

I love this about children; they just say what’s on their heart and most of the time, it is something positive.  I naturally reached out to this boy’s mom to let her know the kind words he spoke to me that day. It’s just a choice we have daily to let others know we are blessed to have them and they matter. 

The next time someone pops into your head and you are thinking you don’t have the time to call them or send a simple text. Just do it because it will make you feel good and the person you reach out to might need a little extra support that day. 

When something weighs on your heart, I believe it is God’s way of letting us know to speak those words out loud to the person He has put on our heart. It’s God’s way of letting us know we have a choice, a choice to choose love. 

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8 thoughts on “Choose Love

  1. Angela you are the definition of graciousness and making others feel good about themselves. I came to visit today and you were the one comforting me! You’re wonderful.


  2. I love this post so much!! You are right…those simple reminders that others do care or are thinking about you mean so much. Stay strong. You are in my prayers daily!


  3. Beautiful piece….touched my heart!! You are truly an amazing woman and have a wonderful testimony for all of us to read and take in!! God Bless!!


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