“Here Comes the Sun” – The Beatles

As I was dodging potholes this morning, I was thinking… It’s almost March and that makes me happy. It has been a really long winter, and I need to see the sun. I can’t wait for spring; it has always been my favorite season. 

To me it encompasses new beginnings, new growth and a much-needed break from the cold temperatures of winter. 

Spring means:

  • Putting away the winter boots, winter coats, mittens, scarfs and sweaters. 
  • Spring cleaning and decluttering.
  • A time change with the daylight lasting longer into the evening.
  • Sitting on a restaurant patio and feeling the warmth of the sun while eating the most delicious salad for lunch.
  • Hearing the sounds of flying insects outside. 
  • Sitting on my porch outside and drinking my coffee in the early morning, pondering my day while looking at the full trees and seeing such colorful birds. 
  • Sitting outside with my children and playing and talking in our driveway.
  • Going on a walk with a friend or my children.
  • Feeling the warmth of the sun.
  • The smell of sunscreen and bug spray.
  • Hearing people outside and seeing neighborhood children in our backyard I haven’t seen since fall. 
  • Hearing the lawn mowers and smelling the fresh cut grass in the air.
  • The smell of neighbors grilling hotdogs and hamburgers and thinking… I should do the same.
  • Opening my windows to get fresh air inside.

I thank God for the gift of the season of SPRING!

I can remember when I was younger my siblings and I would get so excited about spring because my dad would get out our ice cream maker and he would make homemade ice cream. It was so creamy and delicious, it never mattered to us that it was vanilla. We were thrilled!  

I remember us dusting off our bicycles and pumping up our tires so my brother and I could leave after Saturday morning chores, only to find ourselves riding our bicycles the entire day with our neighborhood friends. We were outside all day playing and having fun. There were no cell phones to call in and check in with, no life 360 app to monitor our children, we just knew to be home before dinner. The Saturday fun of spring gave us all glimmers of hope that summer was right around the corner and our weekdays would be free once summer was here!  

I can remember my brother and I would head to the creek in our backyard and catch tadpoles and bring back water from the creek and put them in a huge baby pool. We could then witness the metamorphosis of tadpoles changing into frogs over the next couple of months. I can remember going to the ballpark to watch my brother play spring baseball and save my quarters for the concession stand candy. I can remember our dance teacher stepping it up in the spring with our routines because we only had a couple of months left before our spring recitals. I can remember helping my grandma and grandpa on Sundays in their garden with seeding. These are all such special memories of what spring means to me. 

As I reminisce on these childhood spring memories, I can’t help but think of the familiar tune “Here Comes the Sun” from the Beatles, Abbey Road album.

You know the song that goes…

Here Comes the Sun (doo doo doo doo)

Here comes the sun, and I say

It’s all right

Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter

Little darling it feels like years since it’s been here

Here comes the sun

Here comes the sun, and I say

It’s all right…

If you find time today, do yourself a favor and play the song for yourself. You might find a smile come upon your face as you think about your own spring memories or just the thought that spring is right around the corner. 

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