Tune in…

Social media, hoodie recipients, friends, volunteers and people in the medical field are spreading the word about the nonprofit Living in Abundance and its impact as a recovery garment for women who undergo a mastectomy.

Please consider listening to the following interview I had with Angie Toews, which will air on KFRM 550 AM radio today at 2:30 pm and a replay at 7:00 pm. You can also go to the website KFRM.com and pull up “The Front Porch” program and listen online. This was the post on KFRM Facebook today. https://kfrm.com/programs.php

2 thoughts on “Tune in…

  1. How do I go about getting one of the hooded shirt with pockets. I just had a mastectomy in January and they found more so on July 25th I have to have a mastectomy on my other side. They will be doing skin grafs as I had breast cancer 18 years ago and had 3 lumpectomy and radiation. They have to do the skin grafs more because of the radiation. The drains are so awkward – the shirts you are making sounds like a miracle. How do I go about buying one?


    1. I’m sorry to hear you have to go through all of this again on July 25th. I’ll be thinking about you. Please go to the menu and click NONPROFIT and it will take you to the Living in Abundance LTD nonprofit site. After your directed to the nonprofit site then you just need to click “request” and you can do it right online. We don’t sell the “Abundant pocket hoodie” it is through donations we gift them to patients.


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